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Which Japan Tour Type Is Suitable For You

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Which Japan Tour Type Is Suitable For You?

book a group tour

Book a Group Tour

For the most cost-effective, hassle-free way to see Japan.

Of all the ways to explore Japan, a Group Tour with AJT is the most cost-effective, hassle-free option to see Japan’s must-see sights, seasonal delights, and local cultural attractions. Our group tours explore top destinations across the country, with immersive activities carefully planned by our professional travel specialists. All the little details of the land tour are taken care of – accommodations, transportation, airport meet-and-greet, and a mix of both included meals and open dining opportunities, and friendly, professional English-speaking tour guides. Our Group Tours depart throughout the year and come in five different types: Deluxe, Deluxe-Plus, Signature, Budget, and Active. Our Deluxe Group Tours are our most popular – a fully-escorted, fully-guided, hassle-free trip in our private coaches. Deluxe-Plus offers smaller group sizes and a slower pace, our Signature Tours come in even smaller sizes, with more intimate cultural experiences. Our Budget Group Tours proffer short, quick trips to sample Japan’s top sights in budget friendly accommodations. Our Active Tours offer the chance to hike the country’s national landscape. Our group tours are for all kinds of travelers, whether you are planning the perfect first trip to Japan, or are looking for a more specialized second or third trip. And all our group tours are priced as listed on our website, with no additional options or local payment needed.

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Book a Group Tour with a Pre or Post-Tour Extension

For all the must-see sights, plus something extra to suit your interests

Booking a Group Tour with a Pre- or Post-Tour Extension is the best way to add extra time to explore Japan, with cultural experiences to suit your interests. Perhaps you are liking what you see on our group tours, but you were hoping for an experience that is not in the itinerary, or for an extra day or two to explore cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka. Or maybe a group tour very nearly fits your travel timetable, but falls a few days short. We arrange the extra activities, including hotels, transportation, and guide – simply contact our friendly, professional staff and share with us your vision. A group tour with an extension is also an excellent way to connect to a cruise or multi-country excursion, and extensions can be added to any one of our group tour types. Adding a pre- or post-tour extension to your group tour is easier and more cost-effective than making a fully custom private tour, and adds that personal flair to the itinerary to make your trip to Japan that much more memorable.

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Book a Custom Private Tour

For when a group tour doesn't match your interests or schedule.

A Custom Private Tour is the perfect Japan Tour option when a group tour doesn’t fit your interests or schedule. A vacation to Japan for just you and your family, a romantic honeymoon getaway, a trip for you and your friends, with only the destinations and activities you are interested in. Also called our Private Journeys, we offer a range of custom private tour options based on your travel needs – Essential, Classic, Deluxe, and Active. Essential Private Tours focus on travel freedom and flexibility, with private guides only at a few key locations. Classic Private Tours are a good affordable option for people who want to used Japan’s excellent public transportation to see the sights, Deluxe Private Tours use private transit and private guide for a fully-escorted, streamlined tour experience. And our Active Tours are for travelers looking to explore Japan and experience a range of multisport activities for an exciting adventure. Book a custom private tour for a one-of-a-kind itinerary designed around your schedule and budget.

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Book a Custom Group Tour

For a group of travelers looking for a more personalized Japan experience

Custom Group Tours are for groups of over eight travelers looking for a bespoke tour tailored to fit a particular interest. Plan a custom tour for you group based around an aspect of Japan (or of travel in general) that you enjoy. Custom groups take many forms, and we have planned tours for Leisure groups, Corporate Business Groups, Student Groups, Band / Concert Groups, VIP / Luxury Groups, and more. Look for rare birds on a Japan bird-watching tour, study different ceramic styles on a tour of small pottery villages, or study Japanese art and architecture. Plan a custom group tour for your Photography, Wildlife, Hiking, Wellness, or any other special interests. We can accommodate different kinds of groups: student group tours to Japan’s historic sites and museums, band and concert tours to play local venues or have an exchange with local bands, religious group tours to the Shinto, Buddhist, or Hidden Christian sites, or MICE tours for Japan-based corporate incentives or business events. We can plan any kind of custom group tour to fit the needs of your group, with private transportation, English-speaking guides, and accommodations to fit your budget.

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Book an Ultra-Deluxe Tour

For those wanting a Luxury Japan tour experience.

Experience the most exclusive and comfortable tour experience on one of our Ultra-Deluxe Japan Tours. Explore unique immersive experiences unavailable on the standard group tour: eat lunch with sumo wrestlers, see the studio of a professional manga artist, or enjoy a private tour of a centuries-old temple by the head monk. We book tours of the Japanese countryside by luxury train, cross-country travel by our comfortable private coach buses or first-class Shinkansen bullet train, and travel by private jet and helicopter, satisfying all your travel wishes to give you the perfect tour. At each destination, you will stay in hand-picked luxury hotels and ryokans that allow you to both relax in comfort and see the best views from your hotel window. Eat at Michelin-star restaurants serving your favorite cuisine, and enjoy the best guide for your ultra-deluxe tour, carefully matched to suit your interests.

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Group Tours by Season

Japan prides itself on its four seasons, and what that means for travelers is the landscape of the country affords different beauties depending on what time of year you want to go. Spring is a gorgeous season known for dreamy cherry blossoms. Summer in Japan, though hot and humid, is associated with exciting cultural festivals. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Japan because of the rich autumn colors. And winter, in the mountainous regions of Japan, comes with ample snow for skiing and snow festivals. Every season is the right season to travel Japan, and we offer a variety of guided group tours that are carefully planned to enjoy the charms of each season.

Spring Japan Tours

Spring Japan Tours

The spring season in Japan is most popularly associated with cherry blossoms (sakura). Sakura is the most renowned flower of the country, and its blooming period is arguably the most sought-after sites to see in Japan. This flourishing season also marks a sense of rebirth. Around this time, particularly in April, many employees start their new jobs and students begin a new school year. Spring is also the best time to admire Japan's thriving gardens, where you can see tulips, azaleas, wisteria, baby blue eyes, moss phlox (shibazakura) and more. The weather is quite pleasant, but sweaters and cardigans are recommended. Browse our Spring Japan Group Tours to discover the many ways to experience Japan in the enchanting spring season.

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Homestay Experience

Summer Japan Tours

Summers in Japan are known to be hot and humid during most days, but that shouldn't stop anyone from experiencing an amazing trip to Japan. Summertime is the season of fireworks, festivals, food, and more. Find yourself at one of many of Japan's lively celebrations and indulge in delicious street vendor treats underneath an incredible fireworks display. The Tohoku region is especially famous for its Three Great Summer Festivals. Or if you wish to escape the sultry summer air, traveling to northern parts of Japan is a great way to do so. Enjoy comfortable, warm weather during a scenic hike in Hokkaido, enjoying the tranquil beauty of the lavenders and sunflowers. Browse our Summer Japan Group Tours to discover the many ways to experience Japan in the thrilling summer season.

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24/7 Guided Tours

Autumn Japan Tours

The autumn season in Japan is distinguished by its cool, pleasant temperatures and striking scenery that explodes with vibrant red, orange, and gold. Autumn is nearly as pretty a season in Japan as spring, bringing bright autumn leaves (or “koyo”) to the groves of Japanese maple, ginkgo, zelkova, beech, rowan, and other deciduous trees across the country. It is also the time of harvest, where rice is cut, baled, and distributed. Additionally, many autumn festivals take place celebrating the harvest season, along with traditional history and culture – the Takayama Autumn Festival is especially famous. Browse our Autumn Japan Group Tours to discover the many ways to experience Japan in the lovely autumn season.

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Winter Japan Tours

Winter in Japan can range from a generous amount of snowfall, to dry and mild weather conditions depending on certain parts of Japan. Japan enjoys its winter season in a list of ways. There is nothing like bathing in an outdoor onsen (hot springs) on a cold day, participating in the snow festivals, or enjoying delicious foods unique to the season. Northern regions of Japan, such as Hokkaido, experience an ample amount of snow that is perfect, either for its beautiful winter festivals, or for skiing over its incredible slopes. Kyoto or Tokyo, however, are known for its mostly dry and sunny winters, so you can still enjoy sightseeing. Browse our Winter Japan Group Tours to discover the many ways to experience Japan in the delightful winter season.

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Multi-Country Group Tours

While our country specializes in Japan, we also plan multi-country tour itineraries. Carefully arranged by our Asia travel experts, these itineraries incorporate the top historic sights, unique cultures, natural beauty, and delectable cuisine of both countries into a single perfect itinerary. We take care of all the details of each destination - transportation, accommodation, and guide, with some meals provided and others free so you can find your own taste of each country. Whether you will find yourself enjoying the vibrant Seoul city life in Korea, standing atop the Great Wall of China, strolling beside Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, or taking in a spectacular view of Hong Kong at Victoria Peak, before going to explore the wonders of Japan in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hakone and Tokyo, you are sure to enjoy an itinerary featuring each nation's very best for an unforgettable multi-country tour.

Hand-Picked Accommodation

Korea & Japan Tours

Two of the most popular travel destinations in Asia beckon on our Korea and Japan Tours. While the two countries share similarities, our Multi-Country Tours to Korea and Japan focus on bringing out each country’s cultural distinctness. Appreciate these cultural differences, and how they have shaped each nation’s history, architecture, traditions, and cuisine as you visit the most important destinations of each country. While in Korea, visit locations that include Seoul, the DMZ, Andong, and Gyeongju, and then discover Japan’s finest sights and experiences while touring Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and Mount Fuji. Our Korea and Japan Tours celebrate the very best of both countries in one expertly planned itinerary.

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Group Airfare

China & Japan Tours

The fascinating cultures, rich landscapes, and historic wonders of two of Asia’s most regionally significant nations await travelers on a multi-country tour of China and Japan by AJT. Our seasonal tours take you to enjoy the best of both countries, with carefully arranged itineraries that highlight each country’s long history, unique culture, gorgeous landscape, and mouthwatering cuisine. While on tour in China, experience such important destinations as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian, where you will be able to admire historic treasures and taste local delicacies. When in Japan, take a route offering an introduction to Japanese culture, with ancient temples of Kyoto and Nara, top sights in the Tokyo cityscape, and a view of Mount Fuji from Hakone. While on our China and Japan Tours, we carefully arrange the itinerary so you don't miss the top sights and experiences of these two incredible countries.

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Hand-Picked Accommodation

Taiwan & Japan Tours

Take a multi-country tour of Taiwan and Japan – two of the top travel destinations in Asia. We highlight the stunning appeal of each country in a combined itinerary that features the very best of each country. In Taiwan, we explore the very best locations in across the country such as Sun Moon Lake, Taroko Gorge, and Alishan Forest, as well as city tours of Taipei and Taichung, in well-rounded seasonal tours that show why Taiwan is called the “Beautiful Island”. Then we depart for Japan to on a tour that features Kyoto, Nara, Hikone, Koka, Hakone, Mount Fuji, and Tokyo, in an itinerary that features Japan’s rich natural splendor, historic monuments, delicious local foods, and memorable culture experiences. You will experience the very best of both countries on our Taiwan and Japan Tours.

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Group Airfare

Hong Kong & Japan Tours

Enjoy a tour that includes the top destinations of both Hong Kong and Japan. Experience two dramatically different cultures – one shaped by years of colonial rule, the other by long isolation. While in Hong Kong, walk beautiful Repulse Bay, take in the view from Victoria Peak, ride near Aberdeen fishing village, and go to nearby Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha. Then connect to the best of Japan in Nara, Kyoto, Hikone, Koka, Hakone, Mount Fuji, and Tokyo, on a balanced itinerary that includes the top highlights of Japan, with both traditional and contemporary locations, historic sites, cultural experiences, and mouthwatering cuisine. Our Hong Kong and Japan Tours are carefully planned to include the top must-sees of both countries.

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How to Find a Group Tour

Our website has two convenient ways to browse our group tours. The first is our Group Tours Calendar, which presents an easy way to browse through all our group tours and departure dates from month to month. The Group Tours Calendar also shows the total number of days in the tour, the tour cost, and the maximum number of people that can go on the tour. Our Trip Finder allows you to search group tours using a broad array of search filters: departure month or season, trip duration, trip style, region of Japan, and special interest. It’s easy to use either the Group Calendar or the Trip Finder to find the group tour you are looking for.

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All Asia Tours

For travelers looking to explore Asian countries outside Japan, we invite you to browse the tours offered by our sister company, All Asia Tours. Discover the most beautiful destinations in Asia with guided group tours or custom private tours of China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar (Burma). Contemplate the magnificent Great Wall of China, view the impressive Gyeongbokgung Palace, explore breathtaking Taroko Gorge, take in the view from Victoria Peak, wonder at the beauty of the Taj Mahal, cruise the gorgeous waters of Ha Long Bay, behold the ancient Angkor Wat UNESCO Heritage Site, watch the stately procession of monks during Morning Alms in Luang Prabang, tour the stone temples of Bagan, and admire the spiraled wats of Bangkok covered in gold. Book a journey to Asia through All Asia Tours today!

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