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Article | May Hamamoto

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Welcome to the Osaka Kansai World Expo, where the future meets fun! This extravaganza brings together the brightest minds, coolest innovations, and wildest experiences from around the globe. Dive into a world of creativity, sustainability, and collaboration as we explore the theme "Designing Future Societies for Our Lives." From mind-blowing pavilions to interactive exhibits, this expo is a playground for those drawn to imagination and inspiration. Get ready to be wowed by cutting-edge technology, mouth-watering food, and mind-boggling art installations. It's not just an expo; it's a journey into the possibilities of tomorrow, all in Osaka! In this post, learn more about the Expo and why it is worth your next Japan visit!

Overlooking the sky and sea, via Expo 2025

At the expo, visitors can experience global cultural change and revolutionary technologies, as countries from around the world will be present. As major and upcoming professionals, business and organizations this is an excellent event for networking opportunities, as well as to gain economic and business insights. Families and students can also learn through the many educational exhibits and programs that will be present at the event. Those interested in environmentalism will surely benefit from the expo’s emphasis on sustainability practices. The event makes for a memorable travel experience for all, as visitors will have the opportunity to explore Japan’s history, culture, and scenic venue overlooking the bay.

All in all, The World Expo is where advanced technologies and innovative products are brought to life, making daily routines easier and more exciting for everyone.

The event is broken up into many sections and themes. Here, you will find signature, domestic and international pavilions, future society showcases, and entertainment. Pavilions act as platforms for Japanese and overseas sponsors to show off their themed proposals and contributions pertaining to world betterment.


Signature Pavilion lineup, via Expo 2025

The Signature Pavilions are highlighted at the center of the expo, and will display projects from major contributors in different fields who are dedicated to improving life for all. Some examples of Signature Project Pavilions are the “Playground of Life: Jellyfish Pavillion” which aims to invoke feelings of playfulness while thinking about co-existence and “EARTH MART'' which addresses Japanese food culture and sustainable technologies.


Japan Pavilion, Via Expo 2025

The Domestic Pavilions will bring forth Japan’s dreams and developments to society. A few examples of the pavilion displays that can be found here are:


The Japan Pavilion at the Expo, is where Japan, as the proud host country, will be presenting under the theme "Designing a Future Society for Our Lives." This pavilion is not just about demonstrating proposals; it's about embodying the theme and highlighting Japan's forward-thinking initiatives. Under the theme of "Between Lives," the Japan Pavilion will show creative biogas power generation fueled by food waste from the Expo site, alongside other revolutionary Japanese carbon recycling technologies. It's all about creating a sustainable cyclical loop and inspiring visitors to embrace eco-friendly habits for a better and greener society.


Celebrate the power of women at the Women’s Pavilion! This collaborative effort between the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Cartier, and the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition is all about thriving together. With the catchy manifesto "When women thrive, humanity thrives," and the Japanese rallying cry 〜ともに生き、ともに輝く未来へ〜, this pavillion aims at uniting global citizens to tackle inequality and light up a brighter future. Come join in on celebrating women from all corners of the globe and championing a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world!


The Osaka Healthcare Pavilion will showcase collaborations between Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, universities, and industries. Themed as "REBORN," the pavilion offers an interactive experience for all ages to explore the potential of Future Osaka in terms of "life" and "health." Visitors can encounter their Future Self from the year 2050, designed based on their Personal Health Record (PHR*1). Explore future food and healthcare advancements during your visit!


Step into the KANSAI PAVILION and dive headfirst into the kaleidoscope of nine vibrant prefectures—Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Tottori, Tokushima, Fukui, and Mie—celebrating the "The Brilliance of Kansai’s Rich History and Its Present Day" theme. Imagine a building wrapped in a playful white membrane, sprinkled with eye-catching projection mapping and whimsical paper cutouts on the outside. Inside, each prefecture crafts its own unique exhibition space, weaving together tales of history, culture, sights, and all things Kansai.

Private Pavilions will also be present, including iconic names like Mitsubishi and Gundam.


Via Expo 2025

This expo is a collaborative effort, and guests will definitely feel connected to the rest of the world at the International Pavilions. Other countries will present their dedication to a better future all while following a unique theme, which will be relayed through passion projects and the fun architecture of the pavilions. Here are a few examples of global platforms you will find at the expo:


Influenced by Australia's zest, inclusiveness, and natural allure, the Australia Pavilion embraces the theme "Chasing the Sun." Its design pays homage to the eucalyptus tree and its blooms, embodying Australia's liveliness and variety. What's more, the pavilion is a beacon of sustainability, crafted from reusable materials from past global events. Within its walls, a vibrant mix of Australian cultural happenings and a strategic business agenda await. Here, visitors will find themselves going on an immersive journey exploring Australia's modern prowess, cultural richness, and dynamic spirit, following the sun's path through an adventure of discovery.


As winter bids adieu and spring blooms anew, the Canada Pavilion embraces the theme of "Thawing Wonders." It draws inspiration from the magical transition as frozen waterways melt at the arrival of spring. The pavilion's outer design mirrors Canada's natural marvel known as an "ice jam," where melting river ice crafts captivating fleeting sculptures. While the exterior boasts a mythical icy allure, as you step inside you will uncover Canada's warmth, hospitality, and hopefulness. Visitors will experience Canada's innovative spirit, cultural diversity, and artistic flair, all while witnessing dedication to sustainable practices.


The France Pavilion takes on a theme of love — singing its own unique melody. In Japanese lore, the red thread binds souls together, weaving an unseen magic that ties hearts through time. Inspired by this myth, the pavilion presents a fresh outlook on the future, celebrating various facets of love like self-love, compassion for others, and reverence for nature. As you approach, the pavilion's facade unfolds like a grand theater stage, inviting you into a world of mystery and enchantment. The side veils hint at hidden wonders, while a secret garden unveils its beauty as you explore the permanent exhibition.


The Germany Pavilion dives into the world of Circular Economy with a splash of creativity under the title "Wa! Germany". In Japanese, "Wa" dances with meanings - from "circle" signifying flow to "harmony" and even "wow" for that touch of amazement. The pavilion is a living exhibit of circular and eco-friendly construction, merging architecture, landscapes, and exhibits into a seamless whole. It's not just a display; it's a journey into circular innovation that'll leave you in awe!


The theme of the Netherlands is "Common Ground," and it is all about creating connections and sparking inspiration. The Netherlands Pavilion will be your spot for meeting new people, sharing ideas, and spreading positive vibes. It's a hub where visitors blend their energies to craft vibrant and joyful communities. The Netherlands Pavilion's design is no ordinary sun; it's a symbol of the collective journey towards a brighter future. Powered by collaboration, it radiates clean, limitless energy, accessible to all like a brand-new dawn of possibilities!

Many other countries will be present at the expo. Further information is to come regarding pavilions from Singapore, Qatar, Ghana, Brazil, USA and more! A whopping 150 countries are to present at this event.


Ride self driving buses, via Expo 2025

Explore the world of tomorrow beyond the pavilions! Embrace the future society across the Expo grounds; from cutting-edge transportation, energy solutions, and communication systems, to interactive exhibits and magical events. Every corner of the Expo site is a living canvas of future society. Explore, engage, and get a taste of the forthcoming future. Some showcase examples are as follows:

1.) Virtual Expo: explore online worlds using an avatar and try out AR experiences using your smartphone

2.) Smart Mobility Expo (Electric Buses and Advanced Air Mobility): ride self-driving buses inside and outside the expo

3.) Art Expo: see how water, lights, and environmental themes create magical art on a massive stage space



The event will include entertainment — from food, beverages, anime collaborations, to music performances, and more! You will find a theater room, an event plaza hosting festive activities and parade marches, hands-on events dedicated to tech, crafts, and traditional Japanese culture, and dazzling shows featuring illuminations and projections. The expo has its own character mascot, Myaku-Myaku (pulse), who embodies life and transformation, with its red lumpy mane (based off blood cells), blue body (water), and big smile. To add to the immersion, the World Expo will also have its own theme song, "Kono Hoshi no Tsuzuki wo" with the intent of having people of all ages — from children to the elderly — able to sing and dance along.


The expo has announced plans regarding their “cashless” programs for the event. Limited NFTs and NFT related events can be found at the expo. The expo offers an “electric money” program which is a pre-paid payment system. Stores nationwide that utilize touch payments can use this program. Participants can earn rewards at the expo.


This Osaka World Expo goes on for a whopping six months, with each week highlighting a theme. The weekly themes are as follows:

April 25 - May 6
Co-creating Cultures for the Future Week: discussion on how we can effectively collaborate through diversity

May 15 - May 26
The Future of Community and Mobility Week: truly exploring what community

June 5 - June 16
Necessities of Life: food, clothing, and shelter week: dialogue around how to ensure that all people will have their basic needs met.

June 20 - July 1
Health and well being week: explore how to truly support the wellbeing of society and individuals

July 17 - July 28
Learning and playing week: dig into how AI will effect us

August 1 - August 12
Peace, human security and dignity week: collaborate on how to create a fair and just society

September 17 - 28
The future of earth biodiversity week: discussion around how to ensure that the next generation will live in a world still full of flourishing flora and fauna

October 2 - 12
SDGs+Beyond and Future Society for Life Week: dialogue around goals and even moving further ahead

The World Expo Osaka 2025, themed "Designing Future Society for Our Lives," is a premier global event that will take place from April 13 to October 13, 2025. This Expo will showcase groundbreaking innovations, sustainable solutions, and cultural exhibits from countries around the world. Attendees will have the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies, participate in educational programs, and enjoy interactive displays focused on health, sustainability, and future societies. Attending the World Expo Osaka 2025 offers a unique opportunity to be part of a transformative event shaping the future of our society. Don't miss this chance to learn, network, and explore.

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