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Japan Private Walking & Hiking Tours

Japan Private Walking & Hiking Tours

Japan boasts verdant and rugged mountainous landscape and miles of extensive trails leading to the most rewarding points of interest. This gives the Land of the Rising Sun a broad hiking and trekking appeal, with challenges to suit all difficulty levels.

Since most of the populace traveled by foot between cities and to country shrines during the feudal period, it’s no surprise that Japan retains many hiking paths with stunning scenery. Though known primarily for their Historic Temples and Monuments, the cities of Kyoto and Nara are also popular with hikers. Nara has the Nara Park and the Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest, known for its herd of adorable Sika deer. Then over in Kyoto, enjoy a walking hike through the city streets, past many famous temples and shrines, partway up a mountain for a great view of the city.

Nakasendo is another popular trail in that area. Nakasendo means the “Middle Mountain Path”, and it was a road during the Edo period that linked the imperial capital of Kyoto to the shogun’s headquarters at Tokyo. The section of the trail most often traveled runs about 7.7 km, is fairly easy, and goes through some picturesque small villages.

Kumano Kodo Hiking Trail is in the southern prefecture of Wakayama. Kumano Kodo is a network of hiking trails along the Kii Mountain Range. Kodo means “Old Roads”; these trails have been used for centuries. A trio of shrines await along the path, with the most important being the central Hongu Taisha Shrine near the gate of Oyu no Hara, the largest torii gate in the world. This route can be rather challenging, as many of the paths lead up a steep incline along some rocky steps, but is largely untouristed and peaceful.

Many avid climbers come to Japan to climb Mount Fuji, and it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes in the country, though for that reason it is also one of the most crowded. Hiking from the Fifth Station up to the summit Japan’s tallest mountain and back again can take the better part of a day, and though the paths are not too difficult, the air gets noticeably lighter as you reach the summit. Climbing Mount Fuji is only available during July and August, so it is important to plan this hike carefully.

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    question mark icon     Tour#: GTR5607625

Kumano Kodo Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Kyoto / Takijiri / Takahara / Chikatsuyu / Yunomine Onsen / Katsuura / Kyoto

    67 reviews

9 Days 8 Nights | from US $5790.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour with five hikes of 2-6 hours of village-to-village walking on the sacred Kumano Kodo, or Kumano Ancient Trail.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTK5613828

Hokkaido Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Kushiro / Lake Akan / Mt Meakan / Mt Iou / Kawayu Onsen / Lake Mashu / Mt Nishibetsu / Abashiri / Shiretoko / Rausu / Memanbetsu

    67 reviews

9 Days 8 Nights | from US $6990.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour through the wild lands of Eastern Hokkaido.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTV5621903

Nakasendo Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Kiso-Hirasawa / Narai / Yabuhara / Kiso- Fukushima / Tsumago / Magome / Nara / Yoshino / Mt Koya / Kyoto

    67 reviews

12 Days 11 Nights | from US $7840.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour with four hikes of 1-4.5 hours of village-to-village walking on the Nakasendo Trail.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTL5643653

Tohoku Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Nikko / Oze / Dewa Sanzan / Kakunodate / Nyuto Onsen / Tono / Tokyo

    67 reviews

13 Days 12 Nights | from US $8860.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour exploring mountains in Tohoku with 6 days of walking and hiking of 2-6 hours per day.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTQ5635465

Shikoku Pilgrimage Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Mt Koya / Tokushima / Iya Valley / Kochi / Matsuyama / Kagawa

    67 reviews

13 Days 12 Nights | from US $8990.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour to Sacred Mount Koya & The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Trail.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTF5651641

Kyushu Private Walking & Hiking Tour arrow readmore icon

Kyoto / Asuka / Beppu / Kurokawa Onsen / Mount Aso / Takachiho / Kumamoto / Kagoshima / Ibusuki / Yakushima / Nagasaki / Osaka

    67 reviews

15 Days 14 Nights | from US $9320.00

A private guided walking & hiking tour to the land of fire Kyushu with short hikes of 1-3 hours.

    question mark icon     Tour#: GTD4815618

Kyoto, Nara, Koyasan & Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Hike arrow readmore icon

Osaka - Nara - Koyasan - Kumano Kodo - Kyoto

    67 reviews

14 Days 13 Nights | from US $9850.00

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