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Cherry Blossom Season

Right now in Japan there are cherry blossoms blooming in various parts of the country. It is a beloved flower that people from all over the world go to see. There are so many events related to the cherry blossom … Continue reading

31. March 2016 by Eileen
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Dotonburi Restaurant

There is a chain restaurant that I liked going to called Dotonburi. It is a place where you cook your own okonomiyaki. When you order your food they put all the ingredients in a bowl for you to mix together … Continue reading

30. March 2016 by Eileen
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Umbrella Reappear and Disappear Design

Walking around town window shopping I came across this line of umbrellas and one of them had water pouring on it. Moving closer to the object it seems that it was not any ordinary umbrella. When it gets wet the … Continue reading

29. March 2016 by Eileen
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Namba Yasaka Shrine

When traveling to another country I like to wander around and see what I’ll find. On the last day of trip to Osaka my friends and I wanted to kill time before we had to board our bus back to … Continue reading

28. March 2016 by Eileen
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Unexpected Food Places

Have you ever had a craving for one of those large pretzels, but it so happens that you are in another country at the moment? Well I had that craving while I was in Japan and accepted idea that there … Continue reading

25. March 2016 by Eileen
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