Popcorn in Tokyo Disneyland/sea

There are many awesome and unexpected food you can find in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. The most interesting food I found at the parks was the popcorn. No matter what part of either park I went to, there was sure to be a popcorn stand in sight.  But it isn’t just plain old buttered popcorn; the fluffy, puffed up corn kernels come in tons of different flavors.  The park map even has a guide describing where each kind of popcorn can be found. “Popcorn Wagons” in Tokyo Disneyland serve caramel, salt, honey, curry, and soy sauce & butter popcorn. In DisneySea, you can find black pepper, caramel, sea salt, strawberry, curry, milk tea, and apple cinnamon popcorn. 

10. October 2013 by Joey
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