Kinkaku-ji Temple Tea House – Sekka Tei

Sekka-tei is a small tea house built in honor of a visit by Emperor Go-Mizuno-o in the 17th century. The simplicity of the tea house is meant to focus the attention of the guest on the tea ceremony. Sekka-tei was burned down in a fire in 1874 and was reconstructed in 1884. The stone lantern and basin, along with a stool in front of the tea house all come from the Muromachi Period Hana-no-Gosho (Flower Palace). Inside, the teahouse is quite modest but contains a well noted, crooked pillar supporting the alcove. The pillar is made from rare Nandin wood, a very slow growing tree, and to reach this size is very rare indeed.

02. October 2013 by Joey
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