Gion Geisha District

The Gion area is located between Shijo-dori and Kenninji Temple and extends south to the Kamo River. It is where the famous geisha and maiko reside and entertain, and visitors usually crowd Hanami-koji Street in hopes of seeing one. The buildings are all traditional.Typically, the best time to see them is after 6 PM when they begin to go out to wherever it is they are going to entertain for the evening. There are no guarantees that you will see any, and they typically try to avoid the tourists. If you do see one, don’t get so excited that you forget your manners; while they are cultural icons, they are also people.In many instances, they will walk and disappear into a building or taxi so quickly that have to appreciate them with your eyes rather than your camera. If that’s the case, don’t be disappointed! Most visitors will never see any, so if you are able to see one, you’ve done well!

18. August 2013 by Joey
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