Ebi Soba

ebi sobaEbi Soba is a very different concept. Take ramen, which has been one of the staples in the Japanese diet, but integrate ebi (shrimp) into the soup base. What you get is a very different experience of ramen consumption.  The soup based with packed with shrimp flavor, which was quite a pleasant change to the usual tonkotsu, shoyu, gyokai ramen soups that seems to be everywhere. As you can see the soup is fairly dark, very flavorful, and really tasty. But with so many options for ramen and tsukemen in Tokyo that offers the same soup-base, you won’t find many that offers an ebi-based soup. If you are interested in trying a ebi-based ramen, you can either drop by Seibu Ikeburo store or the one in Chitose Airport in Sapporo.

10. July 2013 by Joey
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