The Homeland of Totoro Foundation

A legally incorporated foundation with the purpose of preserving the beautiful natural habitat and cultural assets of Sayama Hills and its surrounding areas. Here, farmland, rice fields, and wetlands, as well as its surrounding woods maintain a timeless look of the past. In Sayama Hills 1400 types of ferns and other seedling plants, 19 mammals, and over 200 different species of birds have been identified. In April of 1990, with the objective of preserving the lush nature of Sayama Hills to future generations, the National Trust of Totoro no Furusato was born.  Sayama Hills is known as the inspiration of Mr.Hayao Miyazaki’s animation masterpiece, “Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro, 1988)”.  The Trust Fund was named in its honor.

09. July 2013 by Joey
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