Rose city Fukuyama

 “Roses are beautiful. The hearts of those who love and raise roses are also beautiful.”– A City Developed Around Roses (Rose City Fukuyama).  It all started in the Spring of 1956,  when the residents planted about a thousand rose seedlings in the open areas of the park. The neighbors tended those seedlings day and night, and eventually a thousand bright red roses blossomed. Many people were touched by the enthusiasm of these residents, and in 1968 the park won the National Urban Beautification Prize for Excellence. A monument commemorating receipt of the prize stands in the park, inscribed with the words, “Here the flowers of goodwill open.” Resonating in the hearts of many, these words became the stimulus of the concept “A City Developed Around Roses.”  Now it boasts roughly 400,000 rose plants around the city and it became the designated city flower.


02. July 2013 by Joey
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