Tokyo Ueno Zoo


Shin Panda

In March Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo said that two giant pandas, female Shin Shin & male Ri Ri both 7 have mated, sparking hopes for a cub. A cub was born to the pair last July, the first one at the zoo in 24 years, but it died of pneumonia six days later. Shin Shin will be off-limits for viewing beginning on June 4 in order to prepare for childbirth following signs of a possible pregnancy. On June 2 after munching on her favorite meal of bamboo, however, Shin Shin spent most of the day lying down to rest. The period of a panda’s pregnancy lasts somewhere between 83 and 200 days. If things go according to the same schedule as last year, Shin Shin should give birth sometime between mid-June and the beginning of July.

11. June 2013 by Joey
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