Golden Week was over!!

Based on the official announcement, the total number of tourists during the golden week was 22,796,000 and 566,000 peoples traveled to foreign countries.  So wherever I went, there were a lot of people… so crowded.
I am now so exhausted… and bad thing is that all work start today after the long vacation.

I went to Tokyo Disneyland and Izu in the golden week this year.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japanese simply call it “Disneyland” or just “Land” which is the third-most visited theme park in the world, behind its American sister parks, Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland Park in Anaheim.
Golden Week

The Izu peninsula is a large mountainous peninsula in the west of Tokyo and it is very famous that there are many hot springs.
Golden Week

06. May 2013 by Katsuyuki
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