“Senbon Sakura Matsuri” – 1,000 cherry blossoms festival

In March and April in Japan, it is cherry-blossom viewing season which many people can be seen enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It is called a cherry-blossom festival and is being held in many places throughout the country. Over 700 thousand people attend the festival each year to see the cherry blossom which tells the beginning of spring. In my hometown, Ueda in Nagano, “Senbon Sakura Matsuri,” or “1,000 cherry blossoms festival” is held from April 5th to 21th. This year, Hatsune Miku which is a singing synthesizer application with a humanoid persona and was developed by Yamaha Corporation.

This synthesizing technology sound is used to promote the festival. Hatsune Miku who is portrayed to be 16 years girl whose name, “Hatsu” “ne” and “Miku” means “the first”, “sound”, and “feature” respectively.

If you come to this festival, you can kill two birds with one stone, see the beautiful cherry blossoms and listen to her cute sounds.

04. March 2013 by Katsuyuki
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