“Chapatsu” or Brown Dyed Hair


Chapatsu is hair that has been dyed or bleached to make it brown, and it has now won widespread junior high and high school students acceptance. But, some elderly people still equate chapatsu with delinquency. So, when younger people with chapatsu go job hunting, they change their hair color black and change back it brown as soon as they finish their job-hunting.

“Chapatsu” means dyed or bleached brown hair while “Purin” or “Flan” means dyed hair after the black roots have started growing out again. The hair is partly black and partly brown becuase of the color which looks like a flan with syrup.

Nowadays, a “black hair recurrence” is tread in Japan especially among young women who have dyed their hair brown.

What color are you going to dye your hair while you are in Japan? There are so many colors to choose from.

26. February 2013 by Tomo
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