Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentines Day

Japan has a different tradition than other countries. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day when women give chocolates to men and, women can declare their love only on Valentine’s Day.
From the beginning of February till Valentine’s Day, department stores and chocolate shops are stocked with chocolates and flooded with female shoppers. It was said that Japanese chocolate companies started as a marketing promotion to sell them.
So, they are sold the most of the sales of the year on the day. This picture was taken at a department store at Futako Tamagawa in Japan. This year, I found a chocolate with Japanese sake.

It was customary that only women gave chocolate to men they like. The chocolate for their special guy are called “honmei -choco” or a chocolate for her sweetheart.
But, now days, women give chocolates to the men that she doesn’t feel special love for. These chocolates are called “giri –choco” or an obligation chocolate. These are usually reserved for co-workers and bosses. The honmei –choco which could be handmade is more expensive than giri-choco. Also, “gohoubi-choco” or little treat for yourself is getting popular too.

There is “White Day” which men have their chance to return the favor one month later on March 14th.

13. February 2013 by Yumi
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