“Shimi-Tofu” – Freeze dried Tofu


During this time of year, brown things are hung under eaves in Shinshuu in Japan.
They are called “shimi dofu” or freeze-dried bean curd and are used as preserved foods in this area. Also, they are known as “koya dofu” throughout Japan.
However, their preparation methods are different. Shimi dofu is dry naturally; frozen at night and defrost during daytime while koya dofu is not dried naturally; frozen and aged for ten days, then roasted over the fire.
Shinshuu’s template best suited for making shimi dofu. In Shinshuu, it heats up by as much as 8 degrees Celsius and drops to 10 degrees Celsius below freezing. This picture shows that they are not dried yet. After one week or ten days later, you can eat and enjoy them.

11. February 2013 by Katsuyuki
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