“Mamemaki” – Bean throwing

Setsubun Mamemaki

On February 3, “Mamemaki” or Bean throwing is performed throughout the country. So, I went to Kitamuki Kannon in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture. Kitamuki Kannon is a very well-known place where people pray for good health, protection from evil, and good luck for the year. This year was the 99th event.

Men and Women of the Year are given the invocation at Jorakuji (temple) near Kitamuki Kannon. Then, a parade starts from Jorakuji with the local kids, monks and Men and Women of the Year and ends at Kitamuki kannon where they do “Mamemaki.” Sumo wrestlers, famous actresses and actors join Mamemaki and throw roasted soybeans and their signed ball. This year I got so lucky that I caught a Sumo wrestlers’ signed ball. I have a hunch that something good is going to happen this year.

On February 3rd, Mamemaki is performed all over Japan. Try to be in Japan on this day to participate not only to have a fun but also wish for good health and luck for the coming year.

05. February 2013 by Katsuyuki
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