The greatest thing about K-car

Greatest thing about K-Car

Left: standard sedan, Right: K-car

I got into a K-car today, and despite its size, it actually didn’t seem so small from the inside and was more spacious than I thought! Not only are the backseats roomy and wider than some luxury cars (e.g. expensive German cars!), but you can also load a bunch of things in there once you put the seats down! “What about tall guys like me?” you say? No need to worry! People who are 180cm tall can easily fit in comfortably in K-cars! You can even try fitting in an open umbrella easily (if you really wanted to!)!
You definitely won’t find K-cars anywhere outside of Japan. Why not give it a shot while you’re here?
Who knows? You might end up liking it a lot!

30. January 2013 by Katsuyuki
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