“Shinsekai” – New World

Shinsekai - New World

Photo by Tomoko

Main event after visiting Tsutenkaku is, of course “eating” in Shinsekai.
Shinsekai has several fugu (blowfish) restaurants, but the neighborhood’s real culinary forte is kushi-katsu. The neighborhood abounds with kushi-katsu restaurants offering various kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables all breaded and deep fried on small sticks for around 150 yen each.
I went the the oldest kushi-katsu restaurant called “Daruma”. The Kushikatsu Daruma was started in 1929, it has long been a popular Osaka specialty–for over 4 generations. Its secret recipe consists of 3 things–i.e. secret batter, tasty oil and sauce. Superbly balanced, together they bring out the best taste of the ingredients–once you try it, you can’t stop eating.

23. January 2013 by Tomo
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