Got turkey? Thanksgiving day! Labor thanksgiving day in Japan too.

Hakone Ryokan Bath Tub

Thanksgiving day we all appreciate what we have worked hard everyday. In Japan also today is national holiday to appreciate those who work hard and spend time with your loved ones. Maybe it is perfect for you to enjoy Japanese hot bathtub in Hakone at Japanese style Ryokan (Hotel). Looking over the beautiful Japanese mountains and serenading with Japanese nature and focusing on the most important things in your life lead you to the simplicity which is closer idea of fundamental Buddhism philosophy.

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Keiko Azuma is a food travel journalist, a nutritionist who loves to respect culture and food culture all over the world. Especially she wants to be an advocate to introduce Japanese Culture to the rest of the world. She is going to introduce current Japanese Culture and Foods and more. Please feel free to share your ideas where and what information you would like to know, hear, see and want to visit Japan.

22. November 2012 by keiko
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