Soba Noodle

You think the Japanese foods are very healthy. There are many ingredients that may have positive effect to human body and it can lead to the longevity and be able to live and have the health quality of life. The soba noodle also is considered to be high nutritious foods. The noddle if made of grounded buck wheat. Depending on the noodle shop the ratio of the buckwheat is varied. The great combination of buckwheat and flour is 7:3. This soba noodle can be eaten at cold temperature or warm temperature how you like it.

When you go to Japan, please enjoy a bowl of Soba noodle! You will love it!

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Keiko Azuma is a food travel journalist, a nutritionist who loves to respect culture and food culture all over the world. Especially she wants to be an advocate to introduce Japanese Culture to the rest of the world. She is going to introduce current Japanese Culture and Foods and more. Please feel free to share your ideas where and what information you would like to know, hear, see and want to visit Japan.

25. October 2012 by keiko
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