Fish! Tsukiji Japan where you can find fresh seafoods.

You will be able to find the great fish at tsukiji whole seller market place. It is located at the central Tokyo just next to Ginza Tokyo. The amount of the fish come to Tsukiji Market everyday is extraordinary. So this is why you know is one the best place to get fresh fish from all over Japan and other countries.

Tokyo Central Wholesale Market handled 787,782 tons (2,888 tons a day) of marine products, 748 billion yen (2.8 billion yen a day) total in 1993. Some 450 kinds of fish are received; this figure is unparalleled in the world. Marine products sections are set up in three markets: Tsukiji, Ohta and Adachi. Above all Tsukiji Market, handling 87% of the total amount, is one of the biggest markets in the world.

The photos were taken the restaurant where was just located at the next Tsukiji Market. Of course the ingredients they use are coming from the market everyday! It is not necessary to say that the freshest way to indulge Japanese Sushi Sashimi, many great dishes.

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24. October 2012 by keiko
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