Kagura zaka Tokyo where the traditional Japanese high quality foods are gathered

Kagurazaka Tokyo

When you visit Japan, you will notice that there are many narrow intricate streets behind the “main” streets in Tokyo. Kagurazaka is located close to the stations of Iidabashi, and several subway stations can deliver you easily to this area. The hidden narrow stone paved roads give a sense of Japanese history and traditions. Especially the place called ‘Kagura-zaka’ where you will be able to find many great restaurants and Izakaya Bars. Feel free to explore, as the food quality is very high almost everywhere. So even if you don’t have a friend’s recommendation, you will certainly find a place to be satisfied. Most places serve premium sake too, and we know that everything seems better after a bottle of Sake! Please take time and walk the street and explore Japan. Even though everything seems to be moving fast, you can go slow and take in all the modernism and ancient nature of the Japanese.

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Keiko Azuma is a food travel journalist, a nutritionist who loves to respect culture and food culture all over the world. Especially she wants to be an advocate to introduce Japanese Culture to the rest of the world. She is going to introduce current Japanese Culture and Foods and more. Please feel free to share your ideas where and what information you would like to know, hear, see and want to visit Japan.

06. October 2012 by keiko
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