New ways to shop in Japan, more efficient and save time

The New ways to shop in Japan, more efficient and save your time!!


The train system in Japan is very organized and logically constructed. Almost all first-time visitors face a labyrinthine of choices, layers of subway platforms in all central cities in Japan.  The Epoch-making a shopping mall system has been built which challenges and inspires us to explore how to shop. Without having to go outside of the station, you are able to shop for both high quality fresh produce and ready-made meals. Is that possible? Yes it is. The major train stations are usually constructed on a huge scale and patrons traverse in various directions. The new way to shop happens while commuters are scurrying between the platforms. It is very simple and fun and akin to multi-tasking. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, work a puzzle, or just shop!  The mall is lined up in between the platforms at these stations. You do not have to worry about being caught in the rain, and killing time can become productive time, or not. Waiting for the next long train ride is an opportunity to engage your senses, meet with friends, all laid out for convenience and efficiency, maximizing your time. When you visit Japan next, you will discover surprising things that fascinate, and change the concept of how you use your time. The train station shops are a must see, and a great way to people watch!

Also, the underground structures are safe from the return of Godzila.

Reference: e cute・・・「eki」Stations means in Japanese「center」「universal」「together」「enjoy」 all five words are combined to be named

this shopping mall system.






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