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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully

The purchase of any travel services offered by All Japan Tours constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and All Japan Tours, and represents your acceptance of the All Japan Tours Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. If the person making the Reservation is doing so on behalf of a party then that person must have the authority to accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the entire party and is responsible for ensuring that each member of the party is kept fully informed of all the details of the Reservation.


You are advised to check our website or to request the latest version of the Terms and Conditions from All Japan Tours or your Travel Agent prior to booking. No variation of these Conditions shall apply unless confirmed in writing by or on behalf of All Japan Tours. These Conditions together with the All Japan Tours' Confirmation Invoice constitute the whole agreement between the parties and supersede any prior promises, representations, undertakings or implications whether written or oral.

Reservation and Payment


The Price shall be payable in the invoiced currency (we cannot accept payment for a single booking in multiple currencies).


A non-refundable deposit must be remitted in order to process your reservation. Deposit payment applies for land packages only; air travel will be purchased separately.


The full price of the airfare shall be payable within 3 days of receipt of the Confirmation Invoice. Where the booking is made more than 60 days in advance of the Departure Date a non-refundable Deposit of US$200 per person shall be payable on booking and the balance of the price shall be payable in full no later than 60 days prior to the Departure Date. If the booking is made less than 60 days in advance of the Departure Date, full price shall be payable in within 7 days of receipt of the Confirmation Invoice.
Time for payment shall be of the essence. No payment shall be deemed received by All Japan Tours until we have received cleared funds.


Once we have issued your Confirmation Invoice and subject to us having received a deposit payment or the payment of the price in full there will be no changes to the price of your vacation. It is your responsibility to check that the details of the Confirmation Invoice are accurate. Any additional requests not included on the Confirmation Invoice do not form part of the Contract.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the Reservation in writing at any time. If you cancel the Reservation or fail to pay the price in accordance with the payment terms above, then All Japan Tours reserves the right to charge cancellation fees as follows:

More than 60 days before Departure Date: Deposit Only
30 days to 59 days before Departure Date: 50% of the price
15 days to 29 days before Departure Date: 75% of the price
14days or less before Departure Date: 100% of the price

The date of cancellation shall be deemed to be the date on which All Japan Tours receives written notice of cancellation.

Note that additional cancellation fees may apply for airfare. If you purchase an air inclusive package, then you should be aware that the tickets are usually issued immediately upon us receiving your payment. If you cancel the Reservation after the date on which tickets are issued the airline will in most cases impose cancellation charges which will usually be the full cost of the airfare. All Japan Tours will advise you of these charges before cancellation. These cancellation charges will be passed on in full and are in addition to any other cancellation charges (as specified above).

Changes to the Reservation


Changes to air reservations are subject to airline-imposed fees or penalties.


If you wish to alter the Reservation in any way following receipt of the Confirmation Invoice, then All Japan Tours may at its sole discretion agree to such changes, which are subject to an administrative fee of $50.00. Additionally, we reserve the right to make any further necessary charges relating to the changes made by you in advance.
You may request to transfer the Reservation to a later date or to another person without penalty provided that All Japan Tours receives written notice of the details of the proposed transfer 60 days or more before the Departure Date. If you decide to transfer the Reservation less than 60 days before the Departure Date then this will be treated as a cancellation.

Limited Responsibility

All Japan Tours is an independent company (“the Company”) that arranges for the vacation services offered on its website, including transportation, sightseeing, and accommodations through independent contracts.

Air carriers, accommodations, and other suppliers (including but not limited to trains, cruises, ferries, motorcoaches, hotels, and restaurants) providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of the Company or its affiliates. All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by the Company are subject to the Terms & Conditions specified by the supplier, which are available upon request, and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied.

The international carriage of passengers is subject to international conventions and treaties, where applicable. These international agreements limit and, in some events, exclude the carrier's liability to passengers (Tour participants). Where any claim or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or involves any travel arrangements (including the process of getting on or off the transport concerned) provided by any air, sea, inland waterways, rail, or road carrier or any stay in a hotel, the Company's maximum liability is the maximum which would be payable by the carrier or the hotel keeper concerned under the applicable international convention, treaty, or regulation applicable to the travel arrangements or hotel stay in that situation.

After departure, if the services included in the Tour cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of the Company, the Company will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be the responsibility of Tour participants, and any resulting savings will be refunded by the Company to Tour participants.

Any liability in respect of transportation failure including but not limited delay in Your outward or inward flight/s, whether the cancellation or delay is caused by the weather, airline rescheduling, industrial action or mechanical failure. The Company will give no refunds or compensation for lost time and services from the itinerary due to delayed or cancelled flights or delayed or cancelled public buses, trains or other forms of transport included in Your itinerary.

When booking the Tour you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of you and your party during the Tour. The Company will not be liable to you if you cannot complete the Tour as a result of the behavior of you or your party during the Tour in particular but not limited to an airline considering you or anyone in your party unfit to travel. You agree to indemnify the Company against any claims, losses, demands, costs and other expenses which the Company may incur as a result of any damage to property, person or accommodation, being refused travel, or diversion of your flight as a result of the behavior of you or your party.

The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a Tour participant; to expel any participant from the vacation; to make changes in the itinerary whenever the Company deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the participants; and to cancel a tour at any time.

The Tour participant agrees that neither the Company nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any independent contractor providing services, any insurer or insurance administrator under the Travel Protection Plan, or any other person.

The Company shall not be liable for nor be in breach of these Conditions for any delay in the performance or any non-performance of the Company's obligations under the Contract if the delay or non-performance is due to a circumstance(s) beyond the reasonable control of the Company, including but not limited to acts of God, war or threat of war, terrorist activity, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.

Arbitration against the Company must be commenced within one year following the date of tour completion. Neither the Company nor any affiliate shall in any case be liable for other than compensatory damages, and you hereby waive any right to punitive damages.


You must take out insurance against medical and personal accident risks (including the cost of emergency repatriation) and have adequate baggage cover. This is Your sole responsibility

Passports, Visas and Health

You are responsible for ensuring that all members of the party are in possession of a valid passport and a visa for Japan if applicable and that, where applicable, all inoculations have been carried out and health certificates are available. If you have existing medical conditions, You are advised to visit a doctor well in advance of departure. All Japan Tours will offer such assistance and advice in obtaining visas and Permission as it can but cannot in any circumstances is responsible if you or members of your party are not granted a visa or permitted entry into Japan. If such refusal occurs and you cancel the Tour then the Cancellation Policy shall apply.


In the unlikely event that You have a complaint then You must report the complaint in writing immediately to the Company or to the Company's local representative and subsequently in writing with supporting evidence to the Company within 30 days of return from the Tour. If appropriate You must take all reasonable steps to minimize the consequences of the problem. Failure by You to give the Company the opportunity to resolve the problem whilst on the Tour in accordance with this clause may reduce Your rights under the Contract.


All Japan Tours, a company registered in the state of California, CST
#2102781-40 whose corporate office is located at 337 N. Vineyard Ave Suite 215, Ontario, CA 91764, USA.

Confirmation Invoice:
the invoice received by you following the Reservation, which confirms the details of the Contract.

the contract for the provision of the Tour made between the Company and You.

Departure Date:
the start date for the Tour as specified in the Confirmation Invoice.

the written request from you to the Company for provision of the Tour.

the specific tour package or vacation services provided by the Company in accordance with these Conditions.

the persons, firm, organization for whom the Company has agreed to provide the Tour.