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The Golden Triangle of Japan
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Japan In Depth (Reverse) - Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Special Tour 2015 - 4/5

Deluxe Series
Nights 14 days 13 nights
USD $4898.00
Currency US dollar Canada dollar Australian dollar Singapore dollar Euro Pond
Single room supplement
USD $1040.00
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There are two major festivals in Takayama every year, the Spring Sanno Festival in April and the Autumn Hachiman Festival in October.

This itinerary is designed to give you an opportunity to experience one of the three largest festivals in Japan while enjoying cherry blossoms in full bloom, as well as an in-depth exploration of Japan's three main islands. We will take you from Honshu Island ( Osaka to Himeji, Kurashiki, Hiroshima ) to Kyushu Island (Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Mt Aso , Beppu) and then to Shikoku Island (Kotohira , Takamatsu) and finally crossing the inland sea back to Honshu Island to visit Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Takayama, Mt Fuji, and Tokyo. This is one of our most comprehensive tour that is designed for people who want to see the undiscovered regions of Japan, as well as the more popular sights in Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto and Hiroshima .

Sanno Festival takes place on April 14th and 15th of every year. The main features of the Takayama Festival are gorgeous yatai (floats) decorated with detailed carvings, tapestries, and karakuri dolls (marionettes). This tour includes Tokyo's modern attractions, famous gardens in Takamatsu, and the gardens, temples and shrines of Kyoto. The gardens and temples in Kyoto that you will visit have been chosen because of their reputation as the "best places to view cherry blossoms." We will take you back in time with visits to the charming village of Shirakawa-go and the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama and, notably, the Takayama Sanno Spring Festival. You'll have a profound appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship of the people of this land while watching ornate floats being lit up by traditional lanterns and escorted around the city by people dressed in traditional kimonos. This festival atmosphere is an unforgettable experience. On this tour you will also have a chance to watch Miyako Odori, a cherry blossom dancing show that performed by the geiko (geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha).

You'll get the opportunity to experience a green tea ceremony , watch a kimono fashion show, relax in the hot springs, savor gourmet kaiseki cuisine, make Okonomiyaki (Japanese popular dish), ride a boat down the Yoshinogawa River in the picturesque Oboke Gorge, ride a Shinkansen bullet train, and savor the world famous Wagyu beef in Kobe. We will also visit Fuji-Hakone National Park, majestic castles at Himeji , and the Peace Memorial Museum and Park at Hiroshima . At Miyajima you can view the famed vermilion Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine . At high tide, the gates look like they're floating on the sea. At Nara, be inspired by the intricate architect and towering monuments, including the Great Buddha statue, and you'll understand why this city is considered the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan.

On the island of Kyushu you will experience what few have the opportunity to do: walk among the craters of an active volcano, Mt. Aso , that erupted just a few years ago. By remote camera, you can look into the depths of a steaming caldera. In Beppu, view the Jigoku (hell) pools of bubbling waters and geysers scattered across the town. Then enjoy a scenic drive to Mt. Takasaki Monkey Park. Mt. Takasaki is a forested mountain just outside of Beppu and home to over 1,500 wild Japanese monkeys. In Nagasaki we will visit the Glover Gardens , Dejima, and Atomic Bomb Peace Memorial.

Takayama Sanno Spring Festival

View Japan In Depth (Reverse) - Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Special Tour in a larger map
Himeji / Kurashiki / Hiroshima / Fukuoka / Nagasaki / Kumamoto / Mt Aso / Beppu / Matsuyama / Obokekyo Gorge / Kotohira / Takamatsu / Onaruto Bridge / Kobe/ Osaka / Nara / Uji / Kyoto / Kanazawa / Shirakawa-go / Takayama / Mt Fuji / Hakone / Tokyo

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Tour Information Highlight Itinerary Accommodations

Tour Information

Start City End City Start Date End Date Season Special Status
Osaka Tokyo Sun. Apr 5, 2015 Sat. Apr 18, 2015 Spring -

US$ 200.00
All prices are per person, based on double or triple occupancy.
International flights are not included on our tours - this allows you the flexibility to choose your own departure and get the best value for your money! We can arrange international flights for US customers if needed, please ask for details.
9 nights Western style and 4 nights Japanese style accommodation
Meet and greet upon arrival at Osaka Kansai Airport
Airport transfers on arrival and departure
Private luxury coach transfers between destinations in Japan
Comprehensive escorted with AJT professional English speaking tour guide
Breakfast everyday
10 lunches and 6 dinners
Admission fees and activities
Entry fees to sites, gardens, and museums listed in the itinerary
Okonomiyaki Making
Shinkansen Bullet Train Rides
Ferry from Shimabara to Kumamoto
Mt Aso Ropeway
Ferry from Beppu to Shikoku
Oboke Gorge Boat Ride
Wagyu Beef Dinner
Green Tea Ceremony
Nishijin Kimono Show
Miyako Odori Cherry Blossom Dancing Performance Show
Takayama Sanno Spring Festival
Hakone Ropeway
International Airfares
Meals that are not included in the itinerary
Travel Insurance
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
Personal expenses such as telephone and laundry bills
Transport : Travel by air conditioned, luxury private coach, baggage handling free
Arrival/Departure Airports : For arrivals at Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX), this tour starts in Osaka and ends in Tokyo, with departures at Narita Airport (NRT)
Meal Requests : Vegetarian or special meals can be arranged
Meet and Greet : Please note that the meet and greet and airport transfer to the first hotel is ONLY available on the first day of the tour aftre 11 AM. If you plan to stay extra nights before the start of the tour, please arrange your own hotel transfer
Day 1 : Arrive in Osaka
Day 2 : Himeji - Kurashiki - Hiroshima
Day 3 : Hiroshima - Bullet Train Ride - Fukuoka
Day 4 : Nagasaki - Kumamoto
Day 5 : Mt. Aso - Beppu
Day 6 : Beppu - Ferry to Shikoku - Matsuyama - Oboke Gorge
Day 7 : Kotohira - Takamatsu - Naruto - Kobe
Day 8 : Osaka - Nara - Uji - Kyoto
Day 9 : Kyoto (Miyako Odori)
Day 10 : Bullet Train Ride - Kanazawa - Shirakawago - Takayama (Takayama Night Festival)
Day 11 : Takayama (Takayama Sanno Spring Festival )
Day 12 : Mt. Fuji - Hakone - Tokyo
Day 13 : Tokyo
Day 14 : Tour end
Click here for detailed itinerary
Tour schedule and prices subject to change without notice

Tour Information Highlight Itinerary Accommodations

Japan In Depth (Reverse) - Cherry Blossom Special Tour 2015 - 3/23, 4/13
  Exploring Japan's three main islands: Honshu, Shikoku, & Kyushu in the cherry blossom season
The Golden Route Japan - Cherry Blossom Special Tour 2015 - 3/18, 3/22, 3/30, 4/6
  The must see sights of Tokyo & cherry blossom in Spring
Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Tour 2015 - 4/11
  The must see sights of Kyoto, Takayama and the Takayama Sanno Spring Festival and Cherry Blossoms

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