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Okinawa Tour
(6 Days 5 Nights)
Naha, Northern Honto, Center Honto & Southern Honto
The Golden Route Japan Tour
(7 Days 6 Nights / 8 Days 7 Nights)
Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka
The Golden Triangle of Japan
(8 Days 7 Nights)
Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka
Charms of Southern Japan Tour
(8 Days 7 Nights)
Himeji, Kurashiki, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Beppu, Takachiho, Kumamoto & Nagasaki
Charms of Southern Japan Tour with Koyasan
(9 Days 8 Nights)
Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Beppu, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Tokushima & Mt Koya
Charms of Northern Japan Tour - Hokkaido
(8 Days 7 Nights / 9 Days 8 Nights)
Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Abashiri, Shiretoko, Kushiro, Noboribetsu, Otaru & Sapporo
Charms of Northern Japan - Hokkaido & Tohoku
(9 Days 8 Nights / 12 Days 11 Nights)
Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu, Hakodate, Aomori, Hiraizumi, Matsushima & Nikko
Best of Japan Tour
(10 Days 9 Nights / 11 Days 10 Nights)
Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu & Kobe
Highlights of Korea and Japan
(12 Days 11 Nights)
Korea (Andong, Gyeongju & Seoul)
Japan (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hakone, Mt Fuji & Tokyo)
Okinawa & Honshu Tour
(13 Days 12 Nights)
Okinawa, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Takayama, Mt Fuji, Hakone & Tokyo
Classic Japan Tour
(13 Days 12 Nights)
Himeji, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Takayama, Mt Fuji, Hakone & Tokyo
Japan In Depth Tour
(13 Days 12 Nights / 14 Days 13 Nights)
Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Himeji, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Beppu, Takachiho & Nagasaki
Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps
(14 Days 13 Nights)
Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Beppu & Nagasaki
Japan In Depth with Koyasan
(14 Days 13 Nights)
Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Beppu, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Koyasan, Nara, Kyoto, Mt Fuji & Tokyo
Essence of Japan
(15 Days 14 Nights / 17 Days 16 Nights)
Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, Hiraizumi, Matsushima, Nikko, Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Takayama, Kyoto & Osaka
Grand Tour of Japan
(21 Days 20 Nights)
Sapporo, Hakodate, Matsushima, Nikko, Mt Fuji, Takayama, Kyoto, Himeji, Hiroshima, Beppu & Nagasaki
Ceramic and Art of Japan with Robert Yellin
(15 Days 14 Nights)
Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Shigaraki, Kanazawa, Takayama, Tajimi, Tokoname, Hakone, Mt Fuji, Tokyo
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3/30/2015 - 4/12/2015 / May 26th, 2015
We went on the “Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps- Cherry Blossom Special Tour” and the Cherry Blossoms did not disappoint one bit. They were spectacular in Ueno Park and on the grounds of the Himeji Castle making the long queues well worth it! Takayama was just breathtaking.

Every place we went to on the itinerary was great and interesting.

Most of the accommodation were pretty good with the Narita Excel Hotel rated the lowest.

Most of the meals provided were substantial and excellent with the exception of the Chinese lunch we had in Nagasaki……a Japanese ramen would have been heaps better.

We are very appreciative of our guide Don Lim who gave us useful tips throughout our tour and the miso factory where he took us for one of our lunches was just outstanding. Getting us to the monkey park at feeding time was also another of his small but rewarding touches. Much thanks Don.

We have no hesitation in booking another tour with AJT in the future as you guys are great with the itinerary and we’ve been recommending all our friends to you.

Thanks again for making our Japanese tour so interesting, enjoyable and memorable.
Richard & Charlotte from Australia


5/4/2015 - 5/10/2015 / May 26th, 2015
My Japan Tour went very well, I enjoyed the program very much, our tour guide Ms. Emiko (Amy) was amazing. The group was very good. I feel I made the right choice by joining AJT on this trip.Thank you.
Hala for Canada


4/5/2015 - 4/18/2015 / May 18th, 2015
We would all recommend AJT to anyone interested in travel to Japan. Before booking, I researched tour agencies which provided tours of Japan and narrowed the search down to three. I chose AJT for our group of 13 because of the good reviews on the internet and the wonderful AJT itinerary, which was clearly more comprehensive than the other 2 agencies with more upscale accomodations. One of our travelers' sons had been to Japan and looked over AJT itinerary. His comments to his Mom were: "Mom, don't miss this fabulous trip." We would all rate AJT as a 5* company.
Ms Loch & friends


4/11/2015 - 4/18/2015 / May 13th, 2015
Date of Travel April 11-18, 2015 Takayama Spring festival

We had a fabulous time. AJT had an excellent itinerary and the food and accommodations are excellent. This is my second trip with them and this is just as good as the first trip. We’ve decided to stay an extra day in Osaka. I had asked Kiyoshi suggestions for places to visit in Osaka and he was so detailed in his instructions, what places to visit, where to transfer, take the train, limousine bus or taxi. He even included an approximate amount for fare! I cannot think of anything wrong in our trip. Our guide, Miharu is so informative and very funny. She kept us laughing most of the time. Hats off to our driver (didn’t get this name) for taking us to our destinations and back safe and sound. My husband, daughter and myself enjoyed our trip, most of all, food was great. Seems like we were constantly eating. Loved the onsen and the bidet in most toilets was surely something to talk about when we got back home. I would highly recommend AJT to anyone planning to visit Japan.

The Edo museum is a very interesting place to visit. Lots of information and very interactive. We were told that they just opened that museum 3 weeks prior. We also had a great group in our tour. Everyone was considerate of the time. We had a taste of all the seasons, sun, rain and snow.
Beth from Califonia


4/5/2015 - 4/18/2015 / April 20th, 2015
We have just returned from our FABULOUS trip to Japan. All went very well and you assigned us EXCELLENT guides, who saw to our every need. Japan is the beautiful garden island, we had always dreamed of touring. The hotels were upscale and very nice, especially the one in Tokyo. There was so much variety of experience that we felt we had a most comprehesive tour of the central part of Japan. Thank you from all of us for the outstanding All Japan Tour.
A special thank you for the experience of dressing in Japanese kimonos. All enjoyed this special privilege. My surprise was that the outfit was so comfortable. We felt transferred to an older time. All Japan Tours went out of the way to make our trip memorable, as none of us will ever forget the privilege of this tour. Thank you to you and your staff for creating this special time in our lives.
Helen from Texes

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