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Models in Osaka Museum of History

Inside the Osaka Museum of History are very detailed models, which depict the lifestyle during that period. The model in the picture is one example of many explaining the history of the city. When I went to this place it … Continue reading

07. June 2016 by Eileen
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Kinikuman by Shinsekai Tower

In Osaka is this tower called Shinsekai. On our way to the tower we see these signs, shops, and statues from the series Kinnikuman also known as Ultimate Muscle in the states. I remember the series from years ago, but … Continue reading

03. May 2016 by Eileen
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Glico sign, Osaka

One of the most tourist things to do in Osaka is to find this Glico sign and imitate the exact pose for a photo. This Glico sign is one of the distinct features of the Namba shopping area. You probably … Continue reading

15. April 2016 by Eileen
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Kabuto and Jinbaori at Osaka Castle

Osaka castle was remodeled to be a museum with exhibits on the history of the castle. This is due to the fact that the castle was destroyed many times because of the battles that happened on the grounds like the … Continue reading

09. February 2016 by Eileen
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Totoro Store

My Neighbor Totoro is a classic Studio Ghibli movie that is loved by many and in Japan you can find shops like the one in the picture in random places. These Studio Ghibli specialty shops have a variety of goods … Continue reading

05. February 2016 by Eileen
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