What Comes Bundled In Tokyo Vacation Packages

Deciding to go to Tokyo for your next vacation is both exciting and daunting. Exciting because Tokyo is one of the greatest cities in the world, and daunting because it’s huge. Massive, even. In fact, Tokyo is the largest city in the world when it comes to population and its density.

That’s why many people opt to go with Tokyo vacation packages to take all of the anxiety out of the planning for them. It’s no wonder, when these packages give you everything in one. But what exactly makes up “everything?” In this article we take a look at what is commonly bundled in most Tokyo vacation packages.

1. Your Accommodations

tokyo vacation packagesOf course, no vacation is possible without having a place to stay, and any good package will include where you rest your head at night. This may be a five-star hotel in the middle of glamorous and centralized Shibuya, or it may be a small but cozy economy hotel up in the northern suburbs.

If you’re worried that your accommodations are taking up too much of your budget – and it’s a valid concern, since it’s very expensive in Japan – bring it up with your package provider and see if you can’t get a cheaper hotel or hostel.

2. Tours

What’s the point of getting a vacation package if it doesn’t show you the city? Most packages come with tours that you can choose from. These tours range from hitting up all the touristy areas to even checking out some unknown restaurants on the cheaper side of town.

You may be assigned a single tour guide or bus throughout your stay, or you may meet many different people, all with their own expertise. It depends on the type of package you get, how long you are there, and how much you are willing to spend.

3. Train And Bus Fare

Unless you are riding around in a tour bus all day, vacation packages may come with discounted train and bus tickets, as this is the most common way to get around Tokyo outside of walking.

You may either be given unvalidated (that you will have to validate) fare to get around on your own / with the company in advance, or you may be given fares on the days of your excursions. Rarely will you be given outright money to buy your own tickets, as you have already paid for them ahead of time with your package.

4. Tickets To Shows And Sites

It’s not cheap going just anywhere in Tokyo. Most museums, historical sites, shows, and other venues require a ticket of some kind. Most tour packages will provide this for you as well. Sometimes this is the only way to see popular shows, such as related to Kabuki, Noh, or Takarazuka, as companies have reserved seating ahead of time that is not open to the public.

Tokyo vacation packages are a great way to see the city without all of the anxiety on your part. Save some time and money by booking a package today.