Information on Japan Holiday Packages

Japan is world famous as the land of rising sun. Japan is ancient and futuristic at the same time. Buddhism and Shinto are the main religions of the country. The people speak Japanese and English and are universally welcoming. One should definitely visit Japan more than once in their lifetime to see the natural beauty of the country, their people and meals the least. The capital of the county- Tokyo has more than 35-million inhabitants alone.

japan holiday packagesThe Japanese celebrate their holidays while enjoying good food and recognizable decor. The month of April or November is the best months to visit Japan and enjoy your holidays with the Japanese people. The country is famous for cherry blossoms which blooms during these two months. Japanese holidays are known by their “Week” names. The Golden Week is celebrated during the month of April 29th to May 5th. The Obon Week is celebrated during mid-August.

Japan has beautiful mountainous landscapes, traditional gardens, hot springs, hidden valleys and ancient temples. Kyoto is one of the best places to holiday in Japan. It is stacked with 17-World Heritage sites, 400 Shinto shrines and more than 1600 Buddhist temples. Kyoto is considered a cultural gem in Japan. The language barrier will not be an issue since there are many English speaking guides who can assist you in Kyoto. The Northern part of Japan is getting most of the snow fall during the year.

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There are many cheap hotels in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. These hotels would cost between 50-400 Yen per person per day. But if you stay in a luxury hotel, it may cost between 2000-40000 Yen per day per person. A Capsule hotel can be booked for between 4000-40000 Yen per day per person, which would convert to 200-2000 dollars.

The aforementioned information on Japan holiday packages will help you to make an informed decision when booking a tour package to Japan.