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Love Stones at Kiyomizudera

One the grounds of Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto are a pair of two stones placed 18 meters apart. These stones can be found at the Jishu Shrine that is dedicated to the god of love and good matches, Okuninushi. It … Continue reading

28. April 2016 by Eileen
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Gundam Cafe Dessert

While in Akihabara my friends and I lucked out with getting into the Gundam Cafe with no wait time. Usually we would see a long line of people waiting to get in. Walking into this themed cafe you are overloaded … Continue reading

26. April 2016 by Eileen
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Asakusa Sensoji

Asakusa Sensoji is a temple in Tokyo. It is the oldest one in the city and has been a popular tourist spot for many years. The iconic giant red paper lantern is one of the trademarks of the temple. The … Continue reading

25. April 2016 by Eileen
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Rice Field (Tanbo,田んぼ)

Before going to Japan I had a preconceived image of the country, which was fabricated through popular media. After years of yearning to visit Japan, that wish came true when I studied abroad. Leaving the airport that preconceived image slowly … Continue reading

22. April 2016 by Eileen
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Udon is a simple filling meal that is soup based. In the picture it has thick buckwheat noodles, thinly sliced green onions, kamaboko (fish cake), and seaweed in a mildly flavored broth. There are other versions of udon, but this … Continue reading

21. April 2016 by Eileen
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