Kiyomizu Temple in Autumn

kiyomizuOctober obviously, means the approach of autumn–that glorious time of year when all the leaves explode into yellow and red hues. Kyoto boasts more than a few excellent destinations for autumnal sightseeing. If I’m really being honest, Kiyomizu temple sits squarely at the top of any list of places to visit in Kyoto–and with good reason! The view from the temple balcony is simply one of the best in Japan, and every inch of the grounds is worth experiencing. That said, just look at those trees! It’s like gazing over an ocean of red leaves. Of course, once you finally pull yourself away from the view, you still have to check out the rest of the temple, which features numerous statues and a gorgeous garden, as well as a few special views higher up the side of the mountain.

17. October 2013 by Joey
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