You can also find Excellent Non-Japanese breakfast in Japan !!

This is about 390Japanese Yen (~$4.5)

You can also find great non-traditional Japanese breakfast in Japan!!!

Please don’t get me wrong. Japan has a dazzling variety of foods representing all parts of the globe. Japan is one of the great import/export countries and one of the best economic engines in the world. You will have access to many foreign influenced food dishes. As a matter of the fact, there are more non-Japanese Foods (non- Japanese foods has broad aspects categorized by using non-Japanese ingredients) than traditional Japanese Foods. From Italian, Indian curry dishes, Korean dishes, Chinese Dishes, French dishes, exotic foods and also every type of alcohol. Japanese love alcohol! The point is that you will be able to find everything familiar and unfamiliar to sample in Japan. And the quality is obsessively high.

It’s not only the Italians who live to eat, but we do too!!!

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18. October 2012 by keiko
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