the direct translation is Oyako(Parents and Kids) and Don (bowl) The Japanese dish called Oyako-don, is a very popular Japanese rice bowl dish topped with soy sauce based seasoned chicken, eggs and vegetables. The category is B-level foods which means it’s a popular and affordable everyday dish. You will be able to find these kinds of dishes at soba noodle restaurants and food courts at the shopping malls and Bowl specialized restaurants. There is not only one kind of rice bowl dish, there are many with toppings as you like. Here are some examples of Donburi (rice bowl dishes), una don (eel donburi), ten don (tempura donburi), oyako don (donburi with chicken and eggs), katsu don (donburi with pork cutlet), gyu don (donburi with seasoned beef), among others. Next time you go to Japan, please try some of the bowl dishes. You can eat it at lunch time or dinner.

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11. October 2012 by keiko
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